Comfort in Nature

Experience a Tranquil Wardrobe Embodying the Essence of the Earth

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Discover Nature's Embrace in Every Stitch

Discover a world where nature and comfort come together. Established in 2023, Side of the Woods draws inspiration from the Redwood forest surrounding Woodside, California.

A green and white tree with no leaves.

Redwoods, Banana Slugs, and Dirt

At Side of the Woods, our designs are rooted in a love for redwood trees, banana slugs, and dirt. Our high-quality tees and long sleeves are crafted for unparalleled softness, providing a luxurious feel against your skin. Each hat and sock is a testament to our dedication to excellence, with meticulous embroidery that adds a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

A man and child walking up steps in the woods.

Comfort, Simplicity, and Style

We believe that clothing should be more than just fabric. It should be an extension of comfort, simplicity, and style. Our mission is to redefine fashion by offering pieces that effortlessly blend into your daily life, elevating your style while ensuring maximum comfort.

Giving Back to the Roots

Side of the Woods is not just a clothing line. It's a commitment to community and nature. We actively participate in supporting local charities, giving back to the community that inspires us. By choosing Side of the Woods, you contribute to this meaningful cause and become part of a movement that extends beyond fashion.

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Ready to experience the comfort and style of our nature-inspired clothing? Reach out to us today. Whether you have questions about our high-quality tees, need another size or color, want to explore our hat collection, or simply share your love for nature, we're here for you. Contact the Side of the Woods and embark on a journey where fashion meets the serenity of nature.